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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Migrating Exchange Calendar to Google?

Those folks at Google could not have picked a better time to bundle their email, calendaring, spreadsheets, and word processing into the Google Apps-Premier Edition package. For one thing I haven't heard the word "Rebaser" used in conjunction with any of their calendaring apps ever. On the other hand, last time I looked at Google their resource manager strategy was non-existent.

So if any of you folks out there are interested in migrating your Exchange calendar data into Google and keeping all the info you need (like recurrence patterns, guest lists, responses, exceptions, all the stuff that makes calendars useful) drop us a line.

And please keep in mind - we are not talking about moving one user account at a time -- our solutions move entire servers of calendar data at once with no user intervention.

We clearly know our way around Exchange calendaring.

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Maxime said...

Do you know if there is any solution for a google apps premier edition user to see an Outlook user's free/busy (as he can see the free/busy status of his colleagues on the same domain) while planning a meeting?