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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

If your SMTP addresses do not include Alias@domainname you need the /SMTP flag

In the hundreds of calendar server migrations we've done we've run into just about everything at least once. When we run into them twice we put it into the software so the third time is no problem.

Such it the case with the new, improved /SMTP flag.

You can thank Femi and Ron from T Rowe Price for giving us the concrete example of why we should make it more general. Originally we only dealt with SMTP addresses rather than aliases for automatic meeting archiving. (Keep in mind, the Utilities are one of those Swiss pocket knife tools that does more than DST.)

Why do you want this? If your SMTP addresses do NOT include the address Alias@yourdomain i.e., Joebob.Exchangeadmin@yourdomain.com instead of joebob2321 which is the Alias / Logon ID / directory name which your data is stored under in backofficestorage.

So the NEW version of the Utilities allows you to profile and act on IDs as SMTP addresses using the following syntax:

su /u:joebobexchangeadmin@yourdomain.com /DST /SMTP

You can also use this syntax with SMTP addresses in an input file.

Main symptom of the need for this syntax:

  • You are able to "drill down" in backofficestorage using the subst command and see calendar items
  • BUT you are still getting -13 errors

February 25, 2006: We're adding this capability to the /a and /db flags (which we have done and are testing now). Owing to some very bad behavior by a major company founded by H Ross Perot we're deciding whether to release this to the public or not.

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