Thursday, August 04, 2016

Oracle + Zimbra?

My latest newsletter from Zimbra had the following:

As the referenced Press Release Oracle Gives Partners a Fast Path to Cloud explains: "Zimbra plus the Oracle Cloud means users can start small and grow, or start big and get bigger"

Forget the fact that Zimbra's had its own cloud that's been promising the same thing.

The Zimbra back-end of mySQL (now owned by Oracle) makes this start to look more interesting than it might otherwise seem.

Consider this:  Microsoft has the very successful Exchange and Google has its office suite.

What Oracle has is the obsolete Oracle Calendar and the moribund Oracle Beehive.  

Given that Oracle traditionally cannot stand not having anything in the enterprise that Microsoft and Google already have. are we looking at the first tentative steps towards an acquisition?

OCS / Beehive into Zimbra is doable on your own if you want, but you'll need to be really careful of resources.  If you want to do it the right way and you've at least a few thousand users drop us a line.  We've got a long history taking both Oracle and Zimbra into Exchange (I mean, check out the rest of this blog).

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