Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Turning off reminders during a calendar migration to Microsoft Exchange / Office 365

We've been doing a bunch of Oracle Calendar Server to Exchange migrations lately and this has the benefit of giving me lots of detail oriented stuff to write about, and the downside that I'm getting tired of writing about it.

So what happens when you do not want to get reminders for meetings as you migrate into Exchange?

This is an Outlook configuration issue.  That is to say, this is normal Exchange functionality.  Meeting requests in Exchange create a tentatively accepted calendar item that carries with it the “default reminder time” set in Calendar Options.  Note that this applies to meeting invitations, not to appointments (calendar events with no attendees) which will all go in with no reminders set in an OCS to Exchange migration (because Oracle Calendar Server strips them off in the ICS export).

The PowerShell syntax, to TURN OFF for all MBX USERS (before migration)

get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited  -filter {isResource -eq $false} | Set-MailboxCalendarConfiguration -RemindersEnabled:$false 
-DefaultReminderTime:0  -ReminderSoundEnabled:$false

to TURN ON (after migration)
get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited  -filter {isResource -eq $false} | Set-MailboxCalendarConfiguration -RemindersEnabled:$true 

-DefaultReminderTime:00:15:00 -ReminderSoundEnabled:$true

This can be set in PowerShell for one user as in this screenshot:

Finally, note that if a user is logged in or connected (OWA/Outlook) setting these preferences will not kick in until the user logs out and logs back in.  So, if you are testing it, you will see the settings change BUT you won’t see an reminders turn off until you log out/in.

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