Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Special case: When there is no user GUID in your OCS Exports

The ICS export for Oracle Calendar Server is inconsistent with exporting GUIDS:  As in this edited real world example:

Why is this relevant to anything that you care about?

Because interspersed with these very valid users you wish to migrate are also decommissioned users you do not.  Our process will send invitations to them during migration.
For valid (whether mapped or not) users in Exchange this is not an issue and they will be dealt with properly.
For users who have been decommissioned and do not have addresses on Exchange, this will result in NDRs (Non-delivery reports) being send back to the meeting organizer for these decommissioned users.  We have no way of knowing who they are (since they look like other perfectly valid users) and some sites keep these users in attendee lists as a matter of historical record.
The consequences to you:
1.       Our clean-up process REMOVES any NDRs before end users see them post-migration.  We find users and admins value this ease of use and clean migration
2.       The decommissioned user will still be in the meeting attendees list.  So: a.) All attendees will still see that user in the attendee list and b.) In future meeting updates post-migration the organizer will again get NDRs and it will be up to them to remove the user at that time, or maintain them in the guest list as they so choose.

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