Tuesday, November 03, 2015

#MDaemon to #Office365 International Migrations - Character Sets

Let's say that you are happily migrating calendar data from MDaemon to Microsoft Office 365 or Exchange and you're someplace other than the USA with various accented characters.

Most times we've had no problem out of the box with the MDaemon calendar migration (and we see many migrations in Europe).

But one French site reported "√©"s (as well as every other accented character) coming out incorrectly.  For example:

This is a classic symptom of the original character set being UTF-8 and that not meshing with the default Windows Western European character set.  Note that the e-acute in "Migr√©" was inserted under program control as a string already in the Windows character set.

No worries.

Modify the _Config_mCalReader.xml file to contain the following line:

Run your insertion.  It'll come out correctly in Exchange:

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