Friday, September 11, 2015

Converting a Meeting Maker server to a relational database

We had someone ask us "Can you guys convert a Meeting Maker server to a relational database?"

Short answer is: Yes - that's how our migration process has always worked.  Raw Meeting Maker data exists in an object-oriented database format that I have described as a cross between a PhD thesis and a junior high school science project. 

Even though we formally ended our MM to Exchange migrations we've been contacted by some Friends of Sumatra who've been through migrations with us before so we've kept our conversion software running.

Time frame: depending on how much history you have and how many users are on your Meeting Maker server we can convert your data into an Microsoft Access database in (at the most) an afternoon.  Usually it's only a few hours but breaking out and spinning up the conversion server is the real hassle.

This converted database alone is insufficient to run a full migration into Exchange.  Do not allow that idea to entertain your mind.

The converted database is completely appropriate for converting / archiving Meeting Maker servers into a standard database format so that you can do searches for legal compliance, history, investigations, or whatever your data-driven needs require.

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