Friday, September 12, 2014

Messages stuck in OWA's DRAFTS folder (Post Exchange 2013 CU6 update)

I updated our Exchange servers to CU6 over the US Labor Day weekend and hit a few head-banging errors.

First, CU6 failed on the mailbox role. The solution: remove the Discovery mailbox.  Then setup successfully completed.  (Remember to recreate the discovery mailbox!)

After I restarted the Exchange servers, mail was stuck in the drafts folder.  I tested mailflow using the "test-mailflow" cmdlet, and saw it failed (not that stuck messages in OWA weren't enough):

A quick search pointed to DNS or Security policy problems. Not in our case. Next check, were all services running...."Test-ServiceHealth"

No...Two  services were disabled:  MS Exchange Transport Delivery (MSExchangeDelivery) and MS Exchange Transport Submission (MSExchangeSubmission.) Restarting those services made the mail flow once more!

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