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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Scripting Sumatra's MDaemon to Exchange calendar migration tool

We've turned the mCalReader application for migrating calendars from MDaemon to Exchange into a scriptable application.

So from the Command Prompt or PowerShell you can issue the commands

mCalReader /usersrc:  /userex:  /cfg: /undo

What each of these mean:
  • /usersrc:  the full email address of your source user on MDaemon.  e.g., zyg@sumatra.local
  • /userex:  the full email target address on Exchange.  e.g., zyg-furmaniuk@sumatra.onmicrosoft.com
  • /cfg:  the full path to the configuration file
  • /undo:  remove the data mCalReader inserted for this user.
So a typical scripted insertion for a user would be:
  /cfg:"C:\Docs and Sets\Administrator\Desktop\mCalReader\_Config_bCalReader.xml"

To remove Sumatra-inserted data:
  /cfg:"C:\Docs and Sets\Administrator\Desktop\mCalReader\_Config_bCalReader.xml"

Each individual user using this method will get their own individual log file:

How do you set the Configuration file?  Simple: Via the user interface to the tool.  You CAN edit the XML if you want, it's pretty straightforward, but the interface exists to make it as simple as possible to test that access to Microsoft Exchange is working.

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