Thursday, April 30, 2009

Corporate Microsoft Exchange to Google Calendar migrations: Is there anybody out there?

One of my favorite lines from Pink Floyd's The Wall: Is there anybody out there?

In this case, corporate users going from Microsoft Exchange to Google Calendar who want to move corporate calendars.

We've gotten asked about this several times in the past few weeks. But no requests have been from actual corporate customers wanting to preserve calendar data. All requests so far have been theoretical discussions or from universities adopting the free Google Apps ride and wanting full-state migration to be free while they're riding.

I mean it's not hard for me to believe that most corporation would not be really psyched about putting their data in the hands of a third party.

McKinsey & Co learned the hard way: Corporate data slips out via Google calendar.

Since free Google Apps for Education is an easy sell to most cash-strapped universities, we've mainly been hearing about this from the education sector. And I've not seen any company with more than 1000 users even considering Google.

Or am I just thinking about this wrong and have not yet realized that the real corporate market is something that keeps Exchange data completely out of the hands of Google Calendar?

Anybody have any feedback?

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zyg said...

Thanks folks, I am AMAZED at several things:
1.) How much feedback I got
2.) How quickly I got it
3.) How consistent it was
4.) Who reads this blog
5.) How many different musical and philosophical rejoinders there are to "is there anybody out there?"