Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oracle Connector for Outlook differences from Oracle client and your migration

We take the Oracle Calendar Server export as the definitive source for data that is to be migrated.

Sounds pretty reasonable, right?
But now and then Oracle has the same sort of acquired inconsistency syndrome we're used to from Microsoft.
Case in point: in OCS create an appointment
and say you're not going to it:

As you see above, it keeps on ticking in the OCS client (and will show up in a UNICPOUTU export), but will not be displayed in Oracle Connector for Outlook, as this side-by-side comparison shows:

Just so you know.
In these cases our modus operandi is to take the data and display it, since it's a lot easier to remove something you do not want than it is to create all over something you do.

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