Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meeting Maker to Apple iCal via Zinsert Field-Proven

We got a call a from a medical school in Silicon Valley asking if we could migrate 2 users out of a Meeting Maker server of 40 into ICS format.

This is not usually cost effective but they just wanted iCalendar files and they were very polite about the request.

Most times this would not be worth mentioning, but they had a novel approach -- they wanted to obsolete their legacy Meeting Maker server ASAP and move on so they took their data from Meeting Maker into Apple iCal before planning on putting it into Zimbra.

The good news: Seems to have worked fine!

To quote their plan:

...for now it will reside in iCal until Yahoo gets done with the updates that
(we) asked for. Then we will be able to sync iCal to Zimbra.

I really have to give them points for creativity.

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zyg said...

The main reason this worked pretty seamlessly was that the users he had kept only activities in their calendars - not meetings. Things get more complicated when you have a live meeting with a guest list including resources and responses you want to preserve. I'm not sure those will go into Apple iCal. And as anyone who works with us knows, we will add a Macintosh to our lab environment about the same time that Fidel Castro gets elected Mayor of Miami.