Wednesday, October 24, 2007

When Exchange aliases are the same as Meeting Maker aliases

All our best improvements come from users, and this one is no exception.

Current migration uses can use conversion database version or above to achieve these ends.

Let's say “Most” of your Exchange aliases are similar to Meeting Maker Logins, so you built the list of Exchange aliases from the MM user table. Now you have to update accounts that have a different Exchange alias:

New Approach:

  1. Add your domain name to the “customer_setup” table
  2. Run a query “Q_Build_CustIDs_From_MMUserids” to build the “customer_setup” table from the MM “Users” table
  3. Add entries to the “User_Adjusted_Maps” table to “remap” MM Logins to Exchange aliases. Please remember to include both the MM Login and UserID
  4. Run the query “Q_Build_CustIDs_AdjustExchangeAliases” to update the customer_setup with the correct exchange aliases
  5. Run the query “Q_1_Make_User_Map” to build the mm_exchange_user_map table.

We haven't tried this with Oracle Calendar Server conversions yet but the logic should work exactly the same.

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