Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Free-Busy lookups from Oracle Calendar into Zimbra or Outlook

Oracle Calendar users yearning to break free, what do you see that's unusual about this picture of the Oracle Windows Client?

Right! It's the little button that says "Z-Conflicts" just underneath "Remind Me" and "Tentative."

Why have we hacked our way into the OCS client? (Windows only for now, sorry Mac and *nix users.)

Because some of you have been asking for free-busy look ups from OCS into Outlook/Exchange and Zimbra, and this is how we can do it. Your reasons are usually that you must do a phased migration from OCS rather than a "Big Bang" and the problem just seemed so perfectly up our alley.

Right now you click it and it just brings up our internal web page -- but the next step is to click it and have it offer a list of non-OCS users to check free-busy status on. When you select a time it'll drop those into the OCS external email calendar invitation interface so you can more easily customize your invitation.

We're working on the interface between migrations. Stay tuned.

Oh, we have no doubt this will not be supported by Oracle, but hey, you're looking to get out of that suite anyway.

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