Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Migrate Zimbra Calendar and Contacts to Office 365: US$499

Since 2001 Sumatra Development has been doing full-state migrations of legacy calendar systems, where meetings are functional meetings and guest lists are functional in meetings.

This is our answer to demands for a less expensive, simpler, faster migration path for smaller sites and enterprises that do not need full-state meetings.

If you can migrate your email from Zimbra to Office, you can now migrate your calendars and contacts for under US$500, using the same permissions and similar methods.  No limits on the number of users you can migrate but we cap code at 30 days (we're willing to talk on timing).

This is a fast, simple method for moving calendar and contacts from Zimbra to Office 365.

So Jimi Hendrix's calendar in Zimbra:

Becomes his calendar in Office 365 in a few seconds (as opposed to a PST or an export/import).

Since this is faster, simpler, and cheaper, we do not re-create meetings in this version -- but we do make it easy for you to find meetings you organized and the guest list:

Our experience so far shows this method takes considerably less than half the time and effort on the part of Admins than our full-state solution, and that it is of course much faster than client-side solutions.


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