Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Problems on our web site as our hosting company is acquired


Our web hosting company is being acquired by Site5, who has thus far proven to be REALLY MISERABLE. 

So if you get annoying messages from trying to access our web site or FTP please give it a 24 to 48 hours as the new DNS records replicate through the net.  (Am I angry that these Site5 guys just bought out a bunch of customers and their first act of customer service is to shut us down and not even bother to warn us ahead of time?  Yes.  Yes I am!)

If things are not up at a decent pace we'll let you know here.

Twenty minutes into my turn in the support queue:

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zyg said...

We've at least got email running but our site is a total mess thanks to Site5's poor planning an execution. Check that: I don't think they considered planning, execution, or customer satisfaction relevant in their designs at all.