Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Security best practices for Office 365

I went to a local Microsoft presentation that was supposed to be a "Deep Dive into Office 365 Security."

Word of warning: Very rarely is any Microsoft presentation a deep dive.

This one was no exception as the presenter spent way too long talking about weak passwords and putting up vague slides that were really good at telling you what your problems can be but way too vague on how to specifically, actually solve them.

Still this Microsoft shill was up-front that the slide contents came from this posting:

Security best practices for Office 365 

Not a bad summary of issues you need to face as you move to Office 365.

The links include how to activate specific security safeguards in your Office 365 environment.

Now: It seems to me that since this environment is completely in the hands of Microsoft, which as a company should be really concerned about client security, perhaps a decent subset of these should be turned ON by default with instructions on how to turn them off, instead of OFF by default with instructions about how to make your Office 365 experience more secure.

But that's just me wondering WTF?!?

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