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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Special Cases of Attachments in Oracle Calendar Migrations to Microsoft Exchange

Secure signed attachments in Oracle Communication Convergence Calendar, that is anything named “smime.p7m” or with a “.p7m” extension.  These are signed, secured attachments in in Oracle Communication Convergence Calendar so the Sumatra process takes them as the secured, signed (therefore encrypted) attachments they are.
Please make sure your security-tasked admins know this and are prepared to deal with it in a post-migration Microsoft Exchange environment and have their certificates and security arranged appropriately.
Otherwise we are migrating data that cannot be read in your Office 365 / Microsoft Exchange environment.
Inline attachments in Oracle Communication Convergence Calendar
OCC identifies inline attachments by excluding the file name and the format type.  Since Sumatra doesn’t know the file name or file type, we name the attachment “att_” + <>, without extension, and attach as a FILE (not inline.) 

Oftentimes users can leverage their browsers to view each attachment.  In the calendar event select the attachment and Right-Click-Open, selecting the appropriate application if you know what it is or Microsoft Explorer if you do not.  If the attachment does not display correctly please contact the meeting organizer.

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