Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Oracle Communications Calendar Server to Microsoft Exchange Migration

We've been doing Oracle Calendar Server and Oracle Beehive for a while now.  The old Sun Java calendar was something we experimented with a while ago but didn't see much market for.

Then a 3000 seat migration came in for Oracle Communications Convergence Calendar Server (née iPlanet, then Sun Java calendar, etc.).

So we wrote it and added it to the regular Oracle Calendar Server migration code, running to migrate server-side into Microsoft Exchange.

As usual, we have a couple of advantages over client-side methods:

  • Meetings are meetings with guest lists and responses.
  • Recurrence patterns come over
  • Room and resource bookings are recreated
  • To-dos come over
  • We have an UNDO capability to selectively remove only the data we inserted if necessary.
  • Users and resources can be mapped to new IDs
Of course for email use imapsync.  Look through our blog for more info on how to use it and why it is the optimal solution for pretty much every situation you could be in migrating email.

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