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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 Calendar Migration Preserving Meetings as Meetings

Microsoft does not offer full-state calendar migrations from Exchange to Office 365.

Your meetings will all become appointments.  It's like printing your calendars from one Exchange system into office 365.

If you're a small site this is no big deal and easily managed.

If you're an enterprise where people live in meetings and conference room and resource allocation is crucial this can be a huge hassle which can delay your migration to the cloud.

If you use our technology your meetings will stay meetings. Problem solved.

And this shows synchronization working, again with full-state meeting migration, from one Exchange environment to another:
Since we added sync for meetings we also did it for tasks and contacts

And of course this is fully-mappable and includes our UNDO capability for easy testing and disaster recovery.

Why don't we do email as well?  Because imapsync does a superlative job for 100 Euros for any number of seats!  We cannot beat that.  Actually I do not think anyone can beat that.

Given the popularity of our MDaemon to Exchange and Zimbra to Office 365 email migration guides we're seriously considering an Exchange to Exchange email migration guide for imapsync.  Stay tuned.

If you do not need or want all that utility we have an option that runs faster but still tells you who is supposed to be in your meetings.  This is the information no one else provides you.

If you need Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Office 365 calendar migration, feel free to contact us.

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