Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Mapping Resource Names in Oracle Calendar Server to Microsoft Exchange Migration.

In Oracle Calendar Server, resources are database objects.

In Microsoft Exchange they are SMTP addresses with calendars.

So, while your export file names for Users should match the target SMTP address. the resource mapping file will actually map the ICS file name to the SMTP address.

For example, the export file:

             erp conference room 1 tiger.ics  

gets mapped to cr_colonial_222@YOURDOMAIN.COM


Side note: If you have parentheses in your Oracle Calendar Server resource name, for example:

                     ERP Conference Room 1 (Tiger)

Drop the parentheses or other nin-permitted characters and use the same mapping.

You will get results like this:

I.e., you will have the mapped resource as an Attendee, and the old resource name as the location (because in the source data it's just a text string we insert).

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