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Monday, March 02, 2015

MDaemon Migration European Translations - Thanks are in order

This is a shout out of THANKS to the folks who gave us high-quality translations of German and Dutch for the MDaemon calendar migration interface as well as helping us debug some issues in the European market.  

Christian in Germany,  THANK YOU!!!

In the Netherlands thanks go to Jesper Plass at JP Allaround-ICT.  

Jesper also found us one of the weirdest things we've seen in field data in a while: recurring appointments with end dates in the year 4501 AD.  How that happened in real life we have no idea, but we have already fixed the MDaemon migration code.

Latest version of mCalReader is 4.1.08 and contains the above fixes (as well as one that came out of Canada this weekend).

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zyg said...

Keep an eye out for weird MDaemon errors, folks -- reviewing these posts I saw the strange data error listed above. Earlier in 2015 we had one user with a calendar that included a date when "MonthOfYear" = 19. Let that sink in a bit. And it wasn't some Chinese site trying to get June 4 as May 35 past the Great Firewall.