Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New #Oracle Calendar Server to #MSExchange #Office365 migration tools

Lately we have been getting lots of folks (mainly medium businesses and small universities) contacting us looking to migrate their Oracle Calendar Server data into Exchange better than the current crop of low-end solutions can accomplish.  This means three things:
  1. Give us recurring meetings and appointments
  2. Please please please make the meetings live post-migration
  3. We want to choose solutions that reflect our budgets and business goals (i.e., we do not have a lot of money or time)
OK -- we've heard you and we can do all of that.  You could try to write this at home, but we have years of experience that keep us safe.  

So we've created three new options, the first of which we'll let you download and run if you contact us with your work email and size of the migration.

The application allows you to try out what we refer to as our FREE insertion, we think of it as a trial, but if all you need is the next 30 days worth of calendar data from your OCS, hey -- go ahead and use it in production.

The Free version does not re-create recurrence patterns.  You need to license that in what we call the Flat option, which will also include the attendees in the meeting agenda, like this:

The Partial version will actually RE-PROPOSE all current meetings (i.e., not meetings in the past) so that the meetings are real MEETINGS, not static entries in your calendar.  Post-migration your users will need to respond to these meeting invitations (this is part of the deal for lower cost).  But they're live, functioning meetings.  Like this:

Note that now "Attendees" is active because Jimi Hendrix has invited Janis.Joplin to the meeting and that it is remapped to their new domain.

Clicking Attendees shows us that Janis is Required but we have no response from her yet.

Got questions, feel free to contact us.

This also comes with our selective UNDO which will remove ONLY the data we've inserted.

You can see the current version in action in this video:

Want a convenient summary?  Here you go:

If you want your OCS calendar migration…
Choose this Sumatra OCS Migration option
Free, fast, no frills
no live meetings, no recurrence patterns.  No history and only 30 days into the future.
FREE -- Inserts ICS export as-is
Inexpensive, fast
recurrence patterns and guests in agendas but no live meetings
Flat-- Generates Recurring meetings. Add guests to agendas
Reasonably priced, fast
recurrence patterns and current meetings re-proposed (but not responded to automatically)
Partial -- Generates Recurring meetings. Add guests to meetings & sends out proposals
White glove full state-recreation for an enterprise
Full – Recreates Full calendar state recreation for all accounts

Looking to migrate your email as well?

We have found imapsync is an excellent product for email migrations.

Please see our blog postings MDaemon Mail to Exchange via imapsync and imapsync vs PST: Tonnage and Speed (spoiler alert: PSTs are incredibly slow and inefficient) as well as any other recent email migration postings on our blog to give you an idea how easy and fast it is to use imapsync.

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