Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Mailbox Migration to Microsoft Exchange Performance Analysis

Microsoft recently gave guidelines on Mailbox Migration Performance Analysis.  

The article is a perfect example of how to drown in data before you come up with any concrete solutions -- if you ever come up with solutions.

Basically, read the article BACKWARDS to have it make more sense.

Look at all the reasons Office 365 can be slow (and there are a lot of them)

Then look at the reasons YOUR side might be slow (the suggestion of "get closer to our data center" is REALLY useful, thanks for that, guys!).

THEN consider putting (more of) this in YOUR OWN control with imapsync.  Might as well be frank, the Microsoft data center is a black box and will stay that way.  But you can seize more control over how your data is processed on your side of the wall.  Read our posts on email migrations to see how this works out in the real world.

And OF COURSE the Microsoft analysis and migration tools ignore calendars, tasks, and contacts, but we've all come to expect that from Microsoft.  That is why you have us at Sumatra.

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