Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Exchange Database Size Growth Post Undo -- LitigationHoldEnabled

Customers ask us how much space will Exchange require post-migration if they have to rollback (aka our UNDO.)  We typically suggest it's somewhere around 4x the size of the interim Access database,  and double the size of the Oracle Beehive tablespace.  This has been an inexact science, particularly since email continues to flow in (and out) of the organization during the UNDO process. 

One contributing factor to the space bloat is the "LitigationHoldEnabled" feature:  post-undo Exchange continues to hold onto deleted items (as it should!) Microsoft's Exchange team released an article and script that shows how to calculate the database Exchange 2010 and 2013 Database Growth Reporting Script.  It is certainly not needed for during testing --  you can always delete and re-create the exchange stores.  Rather, it's something to bookmark just in case you need to figure out why your DB storage requirements jump significantly.

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