Monday, April 29, 2013

Just added Categories to our Oracle Beehive to Office 365 migration

We got bored waiting for feedback from our current Oracle Beehive migration sites so we added some functionality we've been meaning to anyway.

Now you can take categories along.

But there's a little subtlety involved.

Let's look at our favorite test user Jimi Hendrix in Beehive (via the Outlook client): With appointments on International Worker's Day with categories assigned.

Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Now let's run our process and migrate Jimi to Office 365.
Here are the results of the migration into his specific account.
Note that the "Red," "Orange," and "Yellow" categories come over, are retained, and the color pops up as we would expect.

But categories "Migration," "Microsoft," and "Travel" are uncolored, while category "Hayley" HAS a color associated with it.  What goes?

The answer is of course: User Configuration.  Since on the Office 365 side we used an off-the-shelf configuration, the defaults common to both Oracle and Microsoft came in and displayed.  Custom categories need to be created user-side in the defaults (which is a one-time action).  Once you assign a color to a category (as we did with category "Hayley" below, it's propagated to all calendar objects with the same category.

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