Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Injecting Student Class Schedules into Exchange Online

At one site we've been injecting class schedules and recruiting events into individual student calendars for a few years now -- and we've just found out some others want to do it.

So here's a quick primer of what is possible.

We built a special-purpose tool for this particular client, but you can use our holiday cmdlet with the schedules in a CSV file.

Here is Zyg's daughter's Economics class in the syllabus and translated into a CSV.

Because her university probably won't give me credentials, I loaded it into my calendar (initially blank)

Then populated with her classes:

Opening one of them gives some more detail as well as seeing it tied to a useful Category.

We also have the capability to selectively REMOVE these classes, set them as Free or Busy, all the usual sorts of things you'd want to do.
Keep in mind - this is all going on server-side with no end user intervention.

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