Monday, February 13, 2012

Zimbra to Exchange New Functionality

Pretty soon we're going to have migrated more people from Exchange to Zimbra (in a few months) than we migrated from Meeting Maker to Zimbra (in a few years).  Cool!!!!

We just added some functionality at the request of a site.

The subject is reading the contacts in the "Suggested Contacts" folder in Zimbra and migrating those to Exchange.

Now it's possible.

The newest zCalReader looks for files named:


and loads them both into “Contacts” in Exchange.

Why cannot we load econtacts.vcf into the Outlook/Exchange "Suggested Contacts" folder? Because Exchange Web Services does not currently give us access to that folder. 

We actually found in a migration this weekend a 24 Mb exported Suggested Contacts list containing over three hundred thousand contacts.  That caused zCalReader to bomb (we just weren't scoped for that many contacts).


BG - CBHC said...

Sumatra's expertise on my companies transition from Zimbra to Exchange Online/Office 365 was invaluable!

Sumatra provided the software to transfer contacts and calendar info from over 1000 Zimbra Mailboxes to Office 365. This transition would have been impossible without the highly efficient software and wonderfully skilled programmers!

The new features they are providing in the zCalReader will help enhance an even smoother transition from Zimbra to Exchange.


zyg said...

Thank you for the kind words. Your own efforts were also instrumental in your success, as well as your willingness to work with us on the first field implementation with the technology.

zyg said...

As of June, 2015: If someone is migrating an enterprise and wants the faster-simpler method but ALSO wants our code to automatically respond to meeting invitations, and to be mappable (pretty much exactly as our most recent Oracle Calendar Server migration tools are) -- we can do that. It's just that the first few will be a little rougher as we work out kinks.