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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oracle Beehive to Exchange Migration

Zyg was just back from Charlotte, NC and Russ was soon to head out for a while, when we got an inquiry from one of the few third parties we trust to independently run a migration (Kuttig in Germany -- these guys are sharp and efficient, a pleasure to work with).

Turns out that at least one Oracle Beehive site (see: Is Oracle Beehive DBA  (Dead Before Arrival)?)  wants to migrate to Exchange. 

A quick look at the Oracle Beehive Administrator's Reference Guide and our technology convinces me it should be not too difficult to do at the level we do it at: full-state, server-side to server-side.

Summary changes in our usual process:

Use xCalReader's ICS option.

You'll need a USERS.TXT and RESOURCES.TXT, which should come out of the Beehive utilities list_users and list_resources (be careful of format).

And you will need to export the calendars using the export_icalendar function.

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zyg said...

actually, if you're interested in a simple way of doing this, contact zyg AT sumatra DOTCOM.