Thursday, April 15, 2010

New one-step mapping method OCS to Exchange


Mapping OCS Users & Resources to Exchange Accounts

First, we assume that you have already imported the "users.txt", "resources.txt", and "foreign.txt" into the database using the xCalReader.

There is really only ONE step: Run the query Q_Build_MM_Exchange_User_Map_From_Users



We urge you to review the mapping table "MM_Exchange_User_Map" to ensure all accounts have been mapped, and that all accounts have an email address.


What happens if I want to change the email address for a few users in the Users table?

Edit the table User_Adjusted_Maps. You must copy the userid, UserNum, and mmLogin from the Users table, although we recommend you copy ALL fields. This makes review easier because you know who the accounts belong to! Add the exchange alias (exch_alias) and exchange SMTP address (exch_email). In the following example, we changed Peter W's email to




What happens if users do not have email in the Users table?

Look in the "Exchange_email_Src" tab for "***Missing Email***", or look for unusual email in the exchange_email tab.


Is there a "query" to copy all users with blank emails in the Users table to the User_Adjusted_Maps table?

Yes. It's called "Q_Add_Users_with_Missing_Emails_to_User_Adjusted_Maps"

You will have to add the Exchange Alias and Exchange email address, AND the Exchange type. The choices are "Individual" for a user or group calendar account, and "Resource" for a conference room.


I do not see that query in my database?

You must have database version Blank_Conversion_DB_v8.13.0.0413.mdb or greater


Meeting Maker sites migrating to Exchange

You can use the exact same queries and methods above, but make sure the email you want to have in Exchange is associated with the MM account you are migrating using MM Admin.

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