Thursday, January 14, 2010

Zimbra Calendar / Tasks / Contacts to Exchange 2007/2010 Migrations

Update November, 2011.  If you're interested in Zimbra to Exchange calendar migration, see our newer posts on a faster, simpler method.

December was a busy time at the Sumatra HQ.

We averaged two migrations a week and got three inquiries about migrating calendars from Zimbra to Exchange -- one of which we consider credible in that they kept a dialog going.

So, after a few weeks of skunk works development (which is an oxymoron here), we've got Zimbra calendaring, tasks, and contacts migrating into Exchange 2007/2010, with full state information intact.

Of course, if you want to take calendar data INTO Zimbra we can still do that. But we are kind of psyched that this is the first calendar we'll take you into or out of.
Keep in mind, you could export your ICS files and import them into Exchange (try it and see if that preserves your guest responses) or you could just move PSTs (again, try it). Our process re-creates the guest lists and responses of the calendar data on the Exchange side and it does it server-side with no end user interaction.


Patmoy said...

I think, this exactly is what I am looking for !
And co-existence ZCS with Exchange 2010.
How can I obtain this tool ?
Thank you for your help
Sincerly yours
Patrick Moyon

zyg said...

You're asking for two very different things at once here.

Migration: sure -- we can move the calendar, task, and contact data and maintain all state information. This works best when all your users are LEAVING Zimbra and moving to Exchange. This is in field testing now and the results are good (any other company would say the results are excellent, but we know a few changes we're going to make).

Co-existence: Is a different goal. You want to keep some users on EACH system (some Zimbra, some Exchange) and have the systems interconnected (email is easy, calendaring is a little harder, but I've already sent you our post on that).

Synchronization: In this case you keep all users on BOTH systems and want the data replicated between them (sometimes people ask us for this and I always wonder why they want the expense and hassle of two systems, but who am I to judge?).

So what are you after: Coexistence or migration?

Kristian said...

Hi, how can I get this tool?

zyg said...

By contacting us and asking for it.

Unknown said...

Silly question. How do I contact you?

zyg said...

Most folks don't have a problem following the links to our web site. But if that's not working for you try info AT sumatraDOTCOM

Josh said...
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Rachid said...
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