Monday, September 21, 2009

Oracle Calendar / Meeting Maker to Google Calendar Migration

OK, for street cred, we did a Meeting Maker (it will work with Oracle or Sun Java Calendar as well) to Google Calendar migration extension.

Keep in mind, we'll morph this as it makes contact with the real world. Here's how it currently works.

We use our tools to produce ICS files. Not a problem for appointments, but for meetings the idea is to make them live.

Here's how we do it. We insert the emails of the attendees into the OWNER's agenda.

She or he can find these really easily after inserting into Google by searching for "(re-propose)" Open it and highlight the emails, copy / drag them into "Guests"

SAVE it and SEND it:
Voila, live meetings, simple, inexpensive, and done.

There's a few issues: I think we'll load all the To-Dos into an All-Day Event on the day of the migration (since Google doesn't have an import/export capability for Tasks yet).

We migrate Contacts via CSV files.

We looked at automated ways of uploading, but the Google Calendar API does not support uploading via ICS. So we're sitting on XML uploads via cURL until we have a corporate customer (which means we are not holding our breath).

We think it's more likely a corporate customer is going to want to get OUT of Google Calendar and into Exchange (you listening, Roche?).

NB: We only handle "re-propose" for meetings which have not yet ENDED -- any other meetings get turned into appointments in everyone's calendar.

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