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Friday, December 12, 2008

Meeting Maker Discussion List Closed

The Meeting Maker Discussion List hosted for years at Emory is shut down as of today (not that it's had many postings for the last year or so). They sent out this announcement earlier this week:

Dear MMXP subscribers,
Over the years, this list was a great asset to
those of us who ran Meeting Maker. Over time, the company(s) made
advancements in the support offerings. Thus, we have not needed this list
as much.

Emory has changed direction in how we use calendaring, and
have migrated away from Meeting Maker.
This is to serve notice that this
is to be shutdown effective 12/12/08.

Thank you.

Since the world is running ever lower on Meeting Maker, we're very glad that Oracle Calendar migration has stepped in to take its place.

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