Saturday, September 06, 2008

Why migrate server-side rather than client-side?

We spent part of this week looking at how to convert Meeting Maker data into iCalendar data to import into Outlook via Import on the client side. If this is your first time reading this blog please understand that analysis is a little bit like waking up one morning to find that the Kaiser won the First World War.

So why would we look at this? Because sometimes folks come back to us and ask for additional history for some users, and for just a few it's a lot easier to accomplish client-side rather than server-side.

Our usual average server-side migration rate is 750 objects per minute (whether using EWS on E2K7 or CDO on E2K3).

Our method was to use our off-the-shelf technology to convert Oracle Calendar and Meeting Maker into iCalendar for Zimbra insertions. With few modifications we were able to convert to a format Outlook would read directly.

Client-side the average insertion rate is between 200 and 300 objects per minute. Translation: client-side you get one-half to one-third the speed of server-side.

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