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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Google Calendars as SPAMbots

I could not believe it when it first happened last week -- but there, tucked in between the usual offers to increase body parts half the world does not have and the insane offers I get in Russian, was a Nigerian scam CALENDAR INVITATION!

And this morning there are now two others:

The huge problem with these of course is that they show up in my calendar (which obviously makes this an interesting variation for the spam-mongers). Russ's comment was classic: It must be SPAM because "Dearest Beloved One" could not be how anyone who knows you refers to you.

To make matters worse it looks as though they're originating out of Google Calendar:

Normally I would start thinking about ways of intercepting this client-side at my Outlook inbox -- but given that the script kiddies of the spamosphere have figured out how to harness Google Calendar for their ends, I'm hoping this one gets solved in Mountain View.

Anybody else noticing this?

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