Saturday, December 15, 2007

Contacts Migration into Zimbra

For soon-to-be former Meeting Maker sites, you can now put your MM contacts into Zimbra.

Contacts get exported as CSV files which you can upload with curl or zmprov.

To create them:
  1. Create a directory called c:\sumatra\contacts
  2. Open the Database and go to "Macros"
  3. Double click the macro entitled "M_OutputZimbraContacts"
  4. Walk away from the machine for about a half hour. We haven't done a good interface for telling where things are in the process, but if you look at the directory you created you'll see the contacts files being created.
  5. They'll be in the form LOGIN_ID.csv so it's hard to confuse them with the calendar files

Right now this only works for Meeting Maker contacts because we can read them server-side.

For Oracle Calendar Server contacts, which we can only read client-side, we'd need to do something different. Which we will if we hear sufficient demand.

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