Thursday, November 29, 2007

Exchange 2007 Permissions

In Exchange 2003 permissions were by far the biggest headache for folks wanting to migrate.

Exchange 2007 is shaping up to be a bigger headache. Think migraine. Think migraine with sinusitis. Then double it. You know what I mean. We have had to create an entire Label for permissions.

However, we would really like to thank Rohit from Extreme Networks for coming up with the following variation on setting permissions.

He was looking to migrate Resource Scheduler, but it's just as viable for general calendar migrations.

If you're using Ex2007 as the service account to run our code, execute this command:

Get-OrganizationConfig Add-AdPermission -user ex2007 -accessRights GenericAll -extendedrights "Receive as","Send as", "ms-Exch-EPI-May-Impersonate", "ms-Exch-EPI-Impersonation" -InheritanceType All

Takes care of all necessary permissions with one swoop.

(Note: Revised 2/15/2008 -- a pipe ("") should be place between get-organizationconfig and add-adpermission. It was stripped when pasting the command line in this blog)

Update 11/11/2010:

1) Added '-InheritanceType All' to the commandlet. Sometimes permission inheritance issues prevent access to calendars.

2) Remember that RESOURCE accounts must be ENABLED (via ADU&C)

3) If you want to look at calendars via OWA, you need fullaccess. This commandlet grants 'exsu' full access to all accounts in the domain:

Get-Mailbox -resultsize unlimited add-mailboxpermission -user exsu -accessrights: fullaccess -InheritanceType: All

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